39 years doing arts,it is in the blood. We can not stop with what we like, and we should make the most of it. Follow the gift of knowledge to the letter because we like to live. I'm painting three to four pictures a year. (Jurandir Francisco Pereira)

Born on January 18, 1959, in the city of Limeira SP, began his professional journey in 1979, at the age of 18. The first work was as a researcher of public opinions, by an advertising agency (Campinas - SP). In 1980 he had his first experience with advertising events in Campinas - SP and also in other states, such as Minas Gerais, Paraná, São Paulo and Goiás.


In 1980 - I did my first solo exhibition in Pederneiras - SP showing my work as an artist, feeling the colors, and making graphic designs in a screen printing with stickers and stickers. I also exhibited my works in ceramics, sculpture and oil on canvases. In this same period I participated with the organization of carnival allegories - SP.


 In 1989 - I associated arts with advertising, obtaining success.

I traded the advertisement for an electric car parts company. I discovered mechanics as a mechanical turner and saw in the pieces the value of the plastic arts. I fully devoted myself to art by participating in painting courses and looking for new techniques among several renowned artists' atelier such as Franscelino Rodrigues, Washington Maguetas, Pedro Gava, Maurito Ganzarolli, and others from the city of Campinas - São Paulo. (exhibition) 1993 - 1994 -1995- 1996 - 1997.


 In 1999 - With environmental projects together with friends, where I took the recycling of materials with a craftsman from the city of Embu - São Paulo, where we worked with wood utilization making rustic furniture in the city of Caldas Novas - Goiás. art managing courses of paintings oil s / canvas, with various techniques of plastic arts with the laboratory of carpentry, sculpture, hardware, electrical mechanics, photography with participation of collective exhibition exposing two paintings in oil on canvas in the hall of fine arts in Brazil (Exhibition: 2000 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006, and in 2008)

- Italy: I crossed the planet moving to Milan, where I came to become a Country of history. It was where I worked in a gardening company and then gained experience in garden decorations having the opportunity to make a wooden house. After three years of living in Italy, I moved to London.


 In 2018 - with experience in learning more and more I am working with home renovations. It is my great pleasure to inform you that I have had the pleasure of working with major builders in London. It's been seven years to renovate houses and do everything: electrical, hydraulic, and decorations with big projects. The art is always along with my designs and drawings, painting oil on canvas in some countries like the USA - Canada - Italy - Japan - France - Portugal - Brazil in many cities and states. Where I left I left my gear!

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